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Welcome to the Ultimate School Lunch Software website. Our software can save many hours of data collection and compilation, maximize your meal reimbursement dollars, minimize the time spent of managing student account information and much more.
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Data can be accessed anywhere in the district with our centralized database.

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Never become obsolete with updates included in our maintenance and support package.

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We're here to help you with unlimited technical phone and email support.


Full line of reports available for every LunchTime School Lunch Software feature.


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The LunchTime School Lunch Software and Cafeteria POS Software System consists of the following modules/services:



Focal Tech, Inc. is pleased to partner with industry leaders in development of the LunchTime School Cafeteria Software and School Food Service POS.

LunchTime School Lunch Software

The school lunch software and cafeteria POS system that makes connecting administration, parents and federal programs easier.


  • “ Looking good!! You guys are the most responsive support I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much. ”

    Cole Mock, Technology CoordinatorAshland School District, Ashland, New Hampshire
  • “ I want to let people know that here at Folsom School in South Hero Vermont we use LunchTime software and are very pleased with it. Not only is it fairly easy to use but if you have any and I mean any problems they are quick to return an email or a phone call. The help desk has been very friendly and explains things to me so I can understand it. I highly recommend this program to any lunch program out there. ”

    Cecile Gove, CookFolsom Education & Community Center, South Hero, Vermont
  • “ The Lunchtime program was already in place when I became the cafeteria manager. I am not a very “techy” person, but teach me and I can learn. That is what I found very helpful with Lunchtime Support, they patiently teach me how to use their system, make changes and resolve issues. It is an easy system for our parents to manage students lunch money and for students to use. ”

    Barbara Droege, Cafeteria ManagerVilla Madonna Academy, Villa Hills, Kentucky
  • “ LunchTime software has enhanced the way our school is able to track, maintain and correspond with our students and their families. The automated reports that can be generated are used for multiple purposes throughout school. The LunchTime Support group are pleasant and very helpful when there is a need to call for assistance. ”

    Mary Jo StegmanSaint Martin of Tours School, Cincinnati, Ohi
  • “ Besides buying LunchTime because it is a very user-friendly program and because it integrates seamlessly with our student information system, I would purchase this program just because of the tech support. LunchTime always returned my calls within an hour or two. and went above and beyond to help us solve our own network issues in order to get the software to run smoothly. Their tech support is superb. ”

    Sandy Benedict, Technology Staff DeveloperWest York Area School District, York, Pennsylvania
  • “ I don't know who came up with this idea - but it is GREAT! I have two children in the school district and can now check their balances. Just wanted to say Thank you!!!!! ”

  • “ This has to be the best idea! Making sure my children had lunch money in their accounts was a constant hassle, not to mention wondering if the check even made it to school! Now I will be able monitor their accounts weekly and add money when needed. I also like being able to view whether they are eating lunch and/or extra servings. Whoever thought of this idea deserves a pat on the back for a job well done! : ) Thanks again for making life just a bit easier for me! ”

  • “ Just wanted to comment on how convenient the new online lunch payment system is. I used it today to deposit money into the accounts for my two sons and it was so easy - I like it a lot better than trying to remember to send in the lunch envelope each week. ”

  • “ The new LunchTime system is working great! Not only does the LunchTime system process the direct certification file from the state, but it makes new students and faculty immediately available for breakfast and lunch directly from MMS Generations. I also appreciated the fantastic technical support during the installation too! Everyone was very knowledgeable and did everything they could to make the installation a smooth transition. Thank you again and keep up the good work! ”

    James M. Johnson, Application Support and Technology SpecialistMeyersdale Area School District, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania
About LunchTime

We believe we have created the ultimate school cafeteria software package and we would be happy to offer you a free demonstration of the features and benefits our system has to offer school districts of all sizes.

Our system was developed in partnership with a school district to address needs that were not met by existing school lunch program software.

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